Mission Statement

To provide and improve the quality of life and health care services to our community.

By accomplishing this Mission, it is our VISION to:

  • Foster a trust relationship with the communities served which includes broad-based community involvement in the development of services and programs.
  • Promote a commonality of goals, objectives, and expectations within the community of health care providers.
  • Provide innovation, teamwork, and leadership in meeting the health care needs of the District.
  • Continuously evaluate programs and services to assure that they are relevant and appropriate in meeting the needs of residents and visitors and to ensure the greatest efficiencies in the delivery of care without sacrificing quality or access.
  • Create an environment which encourages personal and professional growth and supports the active participation of all involved.
  • Coordinate with other communities and providers to provide an effective area health delivery system.


  • Understanding: Exhibited by the presence of receptivity, openness and generosity. Creating an environment for fruitful communication.
  • Trust: Our behavior is composed of sincerity, mutual respect and genuineness leading to honest communication.
  • Leadership: We each take responsibility in creating a positive organizational environment in which our values can flourish. We lead by modeling "we go there first."
  • Quality: Is our constant commitment as evidenced by positive customer outcomes, financial performance, and continuous operational improvement. Accountability: Taking ownership of our responsibilities and actions and following through to contribute to the success of our organization.